Interpreting Services


Allison Rodgers-Griffin, Interpreter Coordinator
Phone: (714) 732-5357
Video Phone: (657) 217-2640

Fullerton College fosters a campus environment of effective communication between the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) students and all faculty, staff, and peers. Disability Support Services at FC provides DHH students with qualified academic sign language interpreters. This includes interpreters for classroom lectures/labs, individual and group meetings, and any other Fullerton College educational activities.

Procedures for Students

New students must apply to the DSS Program by completing the online application to receive DHH services. Once the application is received, an initial appointment will be scheduled with a DSS counselor to discuss educational goals and accommodations.

As a DHH student, it is important to register for classes as early as possible. After doing so, complete the Request for Interpreting/Captioning Services form. Please plan ahead and request services in a timely manner to ensure interpreters are in place before the start of the semester.

Procedures for Faculty

In order to facilitate communication, DHH students who are enrolled in classes are often authorized for the use of a professional sign language interpreter, oral interpreter, and/or Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) provider.

The Interpreter Coordinator will be in contact with instructors to discuss effective procedures for DHH student accommodations and working effectively with interpreter(s).

**Please note that all media shown in class must be captioned, as mandated by law, to provide equal and accurate access to all students.

Procedures for Interpreters

The interpreter in the college classroom is a professional whose skill and expertise allow for the DHH students’ full participation in the educational process. Interpreting is done in an impartial manner, adhering to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct.

The interpreter strives to be an efficient member of the educational team, accommodating the needs of successful communication for both the instructor and the student.

For employment inquiries, please contact the Interpreter Coordinator.