Adaptive Computer Lab (ACL)

DSS students who are authorized for the use of the ACL support services classes receive academic and computer assistance, which is arranged on an individualized basis. Learning Strategies (COUN 75) and/or Adaptive Computer Access (COUN 71) can be taken for 1(36 hours) to 2.0(90 hours) units and the hours are arranged around the student’s schedule and preference. The ACL faculty and staff also offer workshops and trainings to help students achieve success.


Room 804
(Next to the Tutoring Center.)

Summer 2023

There is NO Summer class. For any question contact Jassy Dhillon at


COUN 071 – Adaptive Computer Access

This course offers the student guided instruction/application in the introduction and use of computers and access technologies to enhance college success. Students with various disabilities will be assessed on computer skills first. This course requires 36 hours for 1 unit to 90 hours for 2.0 units.

COUN 075 – Adaptive Computer Access: Learning Strategies

This course offers guided instruction to improve study strategies and basic learning skills through computer-assisted instruction. This course is designed for students with disabilities who are eligible through DSS. This course requires 36 hours for 1 unit to 90 hours for 2.0 units.

The Who and What of the Adaptive Computer Lab

The ACL 4 “R’s”

  • Remediation in all academic areas
  • Reinforce what is learned in class
  • Recommend alternate strategies
  • Reintroduce students to success at every opportunity

A potential ACL student

  • is enrolled at FC
  • is registered with DSS
  • is capable of successfully completing a non-lab class at FC

How to enroll

  • Via MyGateway for COUN 71 or COUN 75
  • Through LD Specialist recommendation
  • Add directly through Amber or Jassy in the ACL (Room 804)

Request for completing ACL Lab hours outside of the Lab

Receiving ACL hours from outside the Lab will be considered on an individual basis. Check with the instructor.

Why does a student with a disability need this course?

The intention of these course is to provide a student with an understanding of:

  • How adaptive hardware and software can help access the computer
  • How adaptive technology can help meet educational goals
  • How to perform basic word processing and writing skills


  • How learning strengths and weaknesses effect educational goals
  • How to improve compensations for weaknesses
  • How to capitalize on strengths
  • How to apply problem solving skills to a variety of tasks
  • How to be more successful in academic classes