Adaptive Computer Lab Resources

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Bit of Everything

MS Office Training – see and learn the newest software updates.

Academic Skills Builder

Fast Web More Scholarship Money   – Look at contents bar on left of page

Skillswise – Improve your English and Math skills. From Elementary to High School Content – Interactive learning center

You Name it and You will Find it Here – Sites to promote academic success

Dartmouth College Academic Skills Center – QuickTime videos on learning skills.

Accessible Books and Periodicals – for Readers with Print Disabilities and guest blog post.

Learn almost anything for free – Math, English, History, Science, etc….

Knowledge engine – get definitive answers to factual queries on all subjects.

Great simple link for planning your day, week, month and year

GAMES GAMES – Neat site for some basic skills (Math, Eng, ESL, etc)

English Improvement

Interactive Grammar Reviews: Excellent grammar exercises, terms, tips, rules, and handouts

Basic Reading: Reading ComprehensionWorksheets to

Great Site for Various English Needs: Handouts and exercises on grammar, spelling,  and punctuation

Practice Writing: Resources for writing and planning lessons for future teachers

Grammar Skills and Writing: Mechanics  Interactive online lessons to help improve grammar skills

Writing Essays: Information on how to write an essay

English as Second Language: Links to activities, handouts, and lesson plans for ESL students



Various Language Dictionaries Search for definition of words on-line in French, Italian, and Spanish

Writing Style Formats: APA, APSA, and MLA

APA Writing Style Covers commonly asked questions about citing electronic media Find Many Different Writing Styles Learn how to format your paper in different writing styles

Math Improvement

Printable Graph Paper: Design and print your own graph paper.

The Mathwork Site: Make your own math worksheets

Basic Math skills and concepts

Math Starting from Basic To Calculus: Reference tables, formulas, tools, and study tips for math

Fun Multiplication Game – Facts to 12: Multiplication tables, worksheets, and games

Comprehensive and Interactive Mathematical Encyclopedia:  Encyclopedia of math terms, equations, and derivation, with explanations, examples, and references.

Math Review: Math review material from Algebra to differential equations

The Math Forum: People learning Math together

Free Math Baseball Games: Learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Test Taking and Study Skills

Learn How to Study: Resources for studying and writing process

Study Skills Guide: Techniques on time management, listening, note taking, and test taking

Academic Skills Center:  On-line study skills improvement information

Set of Learning Skills:  Assessment tools and strategies for developing competent studying skills

Note taking, Reading Books, and Studying for Test:  Tips for studying in groups and preparing for and taking tests

Clear information on study skills: preparing to study, developing better reading and listening skills, guidelines for creating flash cards and a lot more.

Sources for Computer Improvement

Microsoft Training: Go to middle of page to browse training courses. Offers training in Word, Excel, etc.

Searching on the Internet; A basic tutorial on searching the web

Become familiar with the Mouse; Learn about different operations of a mouse

Art History

Metropolitan Museum The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s time-line of art history, form the Mal’ta culture of Asian 21,000 BC to the present.


Comprehensive map
Site for advanced users, maintained by the mapping software company ESRI Inc. of Redlands.

Play and Learn

Crossword Puzzles and Word Puzzles: Vocabulary building exercises and links

Math Baseball Games: Learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Fun Games: Games for all ages to learn math, vocabulary, and computer skills

Puzzles: Math, Social Studies, Science: A variety of activities for different subjects