Become a DSS Student

The first step for all prospective Fullerton College students is to apply to the college online.  Apply on or after October 15th for Summer and Fall enrollment and on or after September 15th for Spring enrollment. Make sure that you apply for the semester for which you want to enroll. Please refer to the Counseling Department website for important information regarding priority registration.

Applying for DSS Services

New Students

High School Students

Transfer Students

New Student Deadlines to Submit Documentation

Please note that you can submit documentation and apply for services at any time. The dates below are deadlines set to ensure that services/accommodations are in place for that particular semester.

Summer Enrollment

Documents must be submitted and reviewed by April 1 in order to ensure that services are in place for Summer semester.

Fall Enrollment

Documents must be submitted and reviewed by April 15 in order to ensure that services are in place for Fall semester.

Spring Enrollment

Documents must be submitted and reviewed by October 31 in order to ensure that services are in place for Spring semester.

DSS Student Rights & Responsibilities

Fullerton College is committed to providing equal access to educational opportunities for qualified students with disabilities, in accordance with state and federal laws. To ensure equality of access for students with disabilities, accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis, through an interactive process with the Disability Support Services (DSS) office. As a student with a disability receiving accommodations from DSS, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities.


DSS Students Have the Right to:

  • an equal opportunity to learn
  • an equal opportunity to participate in the campus community
  • choose whether or not to disclose the nature of your disability to your instructors
  • to file a grievance if you feel you are discriminated against

DSS Student Responsibilities

  • Provide documentation of disability to the DSS office in a timely manner.
  • Review your Instructor Letter with each course instructor in a timely manner. (Ideally at the beginning of the semester.)
  • Understand that late notification does not require retroactive services and/or accommodation.
  • Submit accommodation requests in a timely manner. (Most requests can be made immediately after registering for classes each semester.)
  • Contact the DSS office in a timely manner if any issues or concerns arise, or you believe you have been discriminated against.
  • Meet the same standards, both academic and behavioral, expected of all Fullerton College students.
  • Check your Fullerton College email account for important updates from the DSS office.