Disability Support Services provides the following services to qualified students who, because of an identified disability, cannot benefit from the education classes, activities and services provided by Fullerton College without specific support services and/or aids. The specific support services or aids must be directly related to the educational limitations of the student’s disabling condition and the educational program of the student.


  • Specialized Academic Counseling
  • Specialized Individual Orientation

Classroom Related

NOTE: Tutoring Services are available to all Fullerton College students at the Fullerton College Tutoring Center. (If you have special requests, please make an appointment to discuss this with one of the LD Specialists.)

Other Services

  • Adaptive Computer Lab classes
  • Alternate Media
  • Adaptive Equipment and Resources
  • Learning Disability Assessment (by appointment)
  • Liaison with Campus and Community Agencies
  • Accessible Parking – Medical permits are distributed to those with verifiable need.  Forms for this are available in the Campus Safety Office.  This is for TEMPORARY use only, usually no more than one semester and not for permanent physical conditions.  If long-term or permanent parking allowances are needed, you must obtain a Department of Motor Vehicles Parking Placard through your doctor.

Please refer to the Accommodations and Services Guide for important information on receiving and using support services through DSS.