Note-Taking Assistance

Note-taking assistance is authorized by a DSS LD Specialist and is based on the functional limitations of the student’s verified disability. Note-taking assistance may include getting copies of notes and/or audio recording classes.


How to Request Copies of Notes:

  1. Attend the first class meeting.
  2. If you believe you will need copies of notes, drop by the DSS office with a copy of your schedule/bill.
  3. A DSS staff member will provide you with the Request for Note-Taking Accommodation form for you to complete.
  4. A DSS staff member will remind you of your choice to either give the instructor the note-taking notebook or to request that DSS mail the notebook to your instructor(s).
  5. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your note-taking accommodation, please consult a DSS staff member.

Audio Recording

As a method of note-taking assistance, you may be authorized to use an audio recorder to record your classes. Most students find that using a recording app on a personal cell phone, or purchasing a digital recorder, is the most useful option for recording classes. The DSS office has a limited number of digital recorders available for loan on a one semester first-come, first-serve basis.


How to Request Audio Recording:

  1. Show your instructor your green Instructor Letter and advise him or her that you will be recording class lectures.
  2. If you or your instructor have any questions about how to best conduct the audio recording, contact the DSS office.
  3. Please note: Many instructors have a strict “no cell phone” policy stated in the course syllabus. If this is the case, and the instructor cannot make an exception, you will need to either borrow or purchase an alternate type of digital recorder.