Guidelines for the Adaptive Computer Lab (ACL)

Read these guidelines very CAREFULLY!

Lab Usage

A. The ACL is to be used only for assigned work from this class or other classes. Only come into the lab to fulfill your hours. Socializing, personal Internet use, etc. should be conducted outside of the lab.
B. The Internet is to be used ONLY for class work; no personal emailing or web-surfing. Remember that Big Brother is watching and can see what Internet sites you are visiting. Read the Fullerton College Computer-use Policy that is on any campus computer when you log in.


A. Each student has assigned hours. You are welcome to work in the lab at other times if space is available.
B. If you have excessive absences, you may be officially dropped from the course.
C. Please make sure you log in and out on the computer by the entrance each visit to the lab. This is how your hours are tracked. You are allowed a 10-minute break each hour. If you choose to take a break and it is longer than 10 minutes, you must log out when you leave and log in when you return.

Respect for Others

A. Please limit your talking while in the lab. Our space is very confined so socialize outside of the ACL.
B. Turn off or “silence” your cell phone while in the ACL. If something is really that important and it can’t wait, use your cell phone outside of the ACL.
C. Disruptive behavior, as outlined in the Fullerton College/NOCCCD Discipline Policy, is grounds for dismissal from the ACL.

Respect for Equipment

A. The ACL equipment is expensive. Treat it with care and ask if you are unsure about something.
B. Leave your computer on when you are finished using it. DO NOT change any computer settings without the staff’s permission. Do not save your work to the hard drive. Save to an external flash drive and your network H: drive. Please note that some computers have specific uses. If you don’t need the specialized software, use a general-use computer.
C. Absolutely no food or drink allowed in the lab including water. Students do spill and this does damage the equipment. Eat and drink outside of the ACL or leave it on the cabinet by the door.
D. The lab phone is a business phone, not a student-use phone.
E. The ACL participates in the campus printing program. Go to the FC Bookstore cashier and put money into your printing account.  Your account on the network will travel around campus (except the Library) so you can print anywhere.

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