ACL Student Information Sheet

If you are a returning student and the information is basically the same as last semester, you may just fill in the first two lines and the last section that is titled for returning students. Once filled in, print this page.

    Last Name

    First Name

    Student ID

    Phone Number

    State your major goal in college or what you want to do with your college education.

    What is/are your disability/ies?

    How do/does your disability/ies interfere with your educational goals?

    What are your strengths/skills? Be proud to toot your own horn here!

    What are your personal objectives for this class? What things are we going to work together to accomplish?


    How did you do in your courses last semester? What were your grades?

    Are you on Academic Probation?

    What is your focus for this semester?

    What is your long-term academic goal?


    Print completed form and give to Jassy.